CodeEnhance feature overview

Code viewing enhancements
  Marker list
  Highlight symbol under cursor
  Highlighting of indented blocks
  Symbol highlighting
  Current line highlighting
  Document outline window
  Open file dialog
  Find symbol dialog
  Goto definition / declaration
  Open matching file
Editor enhancements
  Compass menus
  Custom collapse blocks
  Save & restore collapse states
  Save & restore view state
Misc features
  Syntax checking
  Auto format after paste
  Clipboard history
Code analysis & corrections
  On-the-fly error detection
  Create method from usage
  Convert between . and ->
  Auto-detect missing includes
  Find usages
  Extract method
  Encapsulate field
  Create definition
  Create declaration
  Create instance
  Move definition to source file
  Refactor context menu
Code writing
  As-you-type suggestions
  Enhanced Intellisense
  As-you-type code formatting
  Autotext suggestions
  Key shortcuts