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Marker list

The marker list side panel provides an overview of the marked locations in the current file: symbol under cursor, errors, warnings, bookmarks, breakpoints and current line. Click over any marker to go to its location in the file. Hovering the cursor over a marked location displays a tip for markers that provide one.

Highlight symbol under cursor

All usages of the symbol under cursor inside current file are highlighted. You can set the update frequency or disable this feature from the CodeEnahnce->Settings->General options page.

Highlighting of indented blocks:

Highlight code blocks based on their indent level. The highlighting color can be changed via the CodeEnahnce->Settings->General options page.

Symbol highlighting:

Inside the view window different symbols are highlighted using different colors. Highlighting colors and options can be customized via the CodeEnahnce->Settings->Symbol Highlighting options page.

Current line highlighting:

The current line is highlighted using several styles. The style used for current line highlighting can be changed via the CodeEnahnce->Settings->General options page.