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As-you-type suggestions

When you begin to type a word, CodeEnhance will display language keywords, symbols or code elements that match the word being typed.


Enhanced Intellisense

CodeEnhance provides better matching of sugestions generated by Visual Studio to the word currently being typed. Futhermore, the relevant suggestion part is highlited with a blue bold font.

As-you-type code formatting

After completing a statement, the statement is automatically formatted to the current source formatting profile.

You can define a custom profile or create one by analyzing existing source code. You can do so via the CodeEnhance-> Customize Formatting... dialog box. Click the "New from analysis" button to analyze existing source code and extract a new profile for it.

Autotext suggestions

Enables you to complete words based on specific trigger keywords.

You can customize existing entries or create new ones by accessing the CodeEnhance->Edit Autotext... dialog box. Autotext entries can contain special identifiers that expand appropriately before they are inserted.

Key shortcuts

This feature enables you to automatically comment selected text when pressing '/' or surround it with appropriate parenthesis when pressing '(' or '{'.