Improve your productivity when developing native applications using Visual C++. CodeEnhance provides intuitive - well integrated features that ease viewing, writing, refactoring and navigating your code. All features are seamlessly integrated into Visual Studio so that they do not interfere with your usual workflow and are intuitive to use.

  • With on-the-fly error detection you can instantly see and correct errors. More
  • Never again manually add another #include directive. When a symbol defined in another file is used, CodeEnhance will suggest to include the file as a fix. The file is automatically included if you perform the fix.More


  • Create methods from usage - whenever a call is made to a method that is not declared, CodeEnhance will sugest creating the method as a fix. Executing the fix will create a declaration and a definition for the method.More


  • Classes, typedefs, functions, data and namespaces are displayed using different customisable colors. More


  • With customisable on-the fly and on-demand code formatting you can define a source style and have your code automatically formatted to it. More